Frequently asked questions

What does spay/neuter and sterilize mean?

These words describe a surgery done by veterinarians to prevent pets from having puppies or kittens. Some people call this having your pet “fixed.” Females are spayed. Males are neutered. By spay/neutering your pets, it is one way to help fix pet overpopulation in Hawaii County.

What does the program cover?

This program covers up to $71.00 towards the cost of spay/neuter surgeries through a participating clinic or vet’s office. Microchipping may be provided (as an added service) if your pet does not have one already.

Will surgery cost more than $71.00?

There are no extra fees associated with the spay/neuter program. However, these services are provided by participating private veterinarians within the community. The cost of these services can fluctuate depending on the Veterinarian/Clinic used and can cost more, or less than $71.00, and would be the responsibility of the pet owner.

What if I have more than one dog or cat?

An individual household is currently only permitted two (2) vouchers per calendar year. A voucher is able to be used for only one (1) dog or cat.

Will the voucher expire?

After you receive the voucher you have 60 days to schedule and complete the surgery. Due to the often busy schedule of a clinic, it is recommended to contact them as soon as possible to schedule the services.

What if I lose my voucher or it expires before I am able to use it?

If you have misplaced the voucher, you may request a replacement by emailing or calling 808.666.9859 and providing your information. If you have been unable to schedule the service to be completed within 30 days of receiving the voucher then it will no longer be eligible to be redeemed.

What if my dog or cat is sick when I bring it to the clinic for surgery?

Spay/neuter surgery may be postponed if your pet is sick, pregnant, nursing, in season (heat), or has other medical conditions. The veterinarian must make that decision, so contact
that office for more information.

How old does my pet have to be to get it fixed?

Most dogs and cats can have spay/neuter surgery as early as eight (8) weeks of age. Important: pets can start having unwanted babies as early as four (4) months of age! It’s best to “fix” or get them spayed/neutered as soon as possible.

Can I use the voucher program for TNR programs or Community Cats?

No, this program is designed for owned animals. There are other programs provided by Hawaii Rainbow Rangers that address Trap-Neuter-Return and may be a better solution. For more information on these services please email